Sunday, April 16, 2006


Today is Easter, the Day of Eggs (literally), the day the heathen tribes of Europe (and elsewhere) celebrated the rebirth of nature, the festival of onrushing spring! If you have noticed the moon the past few days, you will see how tuned to natural phenomena this day is. The Christians wisely decided that the spring celebration, rooted as it is in the crucial days after the long winter when planting must be accomplished in Hope for a bountiful harvest months later, should not be ignored, for Hope is the emotion of these spring days, and Hope is the message of the story of martyred Jesus's resurrection from the dead.

The Hope we have this fine morning is that Americans still have their wits about them, that even after a long winter of fear and insecurity Americans will rise to the task of throwing off the creeping tentacles of oppression that now threaten their freedoms and liberties. We Hope that you read Gary Allen Scott's article on fascism all the way through and that you file it for future reference.