Saturday, April 29, 2006

It Takes Immigrants to Make Our Nation

The immigrants are opening the floodgates for us. On May 1, 2006, they, who have everything to lose, are taking a stand to challenge our government. On that day they are making their presence and value felt by their absence. They plan to stay home from work, school, shopping and protest for better treatment. Their courage and determination inspire me. This is People Power in action.

I have no doubt that their efforts will be profound. I have no doubt that their strike will bring a response from the powers that be. I know that I will stand with them and not buy anything that day. I will be forever grateful to them for reminding us how people power works.

We all can learn from their example to use these methods to voice our desires for a better life. Boycott and strike are powerful when used en masse. They strike at the heart of power which is the economy. The government may get our tax money but we have control over our spending.

We need to get creative and do more with less. Who needs "stuff" when it costs you life to get it? It will take all of us pulling at the wheel to turn this ship of state around. We can have a peaceful prosperous world if that is what we want.

May 1 is the first wave for change; their fight is our fight. The same laws of NAFTA which have driven them to seek a better wage and to save their families, has affected us too in outsourcing, stagnant wages and unemployment. The enemy is governmental policies which put profit for business avove human life.

For more on how NAFTA is at the root of many of our problems, go here.

Sue Dyer

Guest Essayist