Sunday, April 30, 2006

Kicking and Screaming

Over the months and years we have been suggesting to you that George Bush is a radical among conservatives and that his motives are nothing less than destruction of the liberal democracy that stumbled into his lap on 9/11. Before you read a couple of very good articles about these radicals, we would like you to consider the cupability of the the rank and file Republicans in Bush's (Cheney's, Rumsfeld's, Rove's) plans. Republicans are so starved for the opportunity to humiliate Democrats and to drive a stake through their hearts that they have freely agreed to and voted for the Bush agenda, despite the fact that Bush is pushing a record deficit and expanding government and the Executive diametrically opposed to the traditional Republican orthodoxy. When it comes down to it, all Congressional Republicans are guilty as Bush & Co. (There are many guilt Democrats, too, of course.)

We think that Bernard Weiner's article in Democratic Underground entitled Bush's Great Game: A PNAC Primer Update is a useful survey of the strategy being played out.

Today's Boston Globe has an article by Charlie Savage Bush Challenges Hundreds of Laws that will remind you of how Bush & Co. are accomplishing their radical agenda.

Finally, a short article in CommonDreams by Gregory D. Foster entitled The Long War Posture, which summarizes the threat that Bushite warmongering poses to us.

Folks, the pace now quickens. The next six months are crucial. Pay attention and talk to your friends about what you will do if Bush & Co. interferes with the 2006 election.

James Richard Brett