Sunday, April 09, 2006

Transmitting Extremism

Recently on my high school class internet group one of the girls (now living in NJ) posted a "dog-eared" copy of the anti-Islam essay, which declares that in a direct confrontation between a imam and a priest the imam refused to deny that Islam means to kill off all infidels because the Q'ran says Muslims should. In truth the Q'ran does have some feisty bits into which radical imams can sink their teeth and promote violence. In truth the Bible contains its own share of violence and the histories of Christendom and Islam are both notable for the carnage that has been perpetrated in their names.

The internet posting is part of the program of a group of racists in America. This sort of garbage spews out all day long and nourishes those who are already committed racists. So this week I happened upon this article at firedoglake by David Neiwert called "Late Night FDL: Transmitting Extremism." It's worth a read.

James Richard Brett