Saturday, May 20, 2006


It is a classical truth that most representatives of the species homo sapiens sapiens are by themselves incapable of perceiving very slow motion events. Our eyes and attention spans normally do not see the growth of plants or animals, only our memory gives us a clue to the fact of growth and other slow-motion events. But, our species has developed culture and civilization, means by which we can transmit little bits of accumulated knowledge to a next generation and so on so that eventually people learning the transmitted lore might be able to distinguish patterns among those individual facts.

With "sweeps" and season finales clogging our brainstems, with summer vacations being planned, with visions of sending children off to the next year of school or college in a few short months, with elections reduced to sound bytes and meaningless chatter about "values voting" and serious issues of separation of church and state, immigration, free trade, and all the welter of daily issues ... including the occasional badly faring war ... it is a wonder that anyone has noticed the fundamental changes being wrought by the combined effect of our government's policies and actions.

If you come to the American Liberalism Project Blog via the website you noticed that the Iraq War has now cost about $283 billion dollars and shows no sign of letting up. What is $283 billion dollars to a country whose per capita GDP (2003) is $38,611 or $11,583,300,000,000 (eleven and a half trillion dollars)? Well it is trouble, that's what it is. The bill for this war will be paid like a mortgage with the interest accumulating over the years to many times the actual money spent on bullets, stinger missiles, medical costs, flags, and salaries for colonels and soldiers.

The bill may very well break the bank in a way that none of the "kill the beast" welfare state haters imagined. The bill will land heavily in the midst of an economy that much later than necessary discovered that it will be converting from a petroleum economy to something else ... or else! The bill will land on an economy where the middle class is thinning out and the rich are richer, but less taxed than at any time in memory. The bill will land on educational systems, medical care, and all the hopes and dreams of people whose only reason for banding together in nations and states is to enjoy a "commonwealth" of benefits, such as security of currency, neighborhood, life and limb.

In fact the bill for all of "this" will probably not be exportable very much longer. We export our debts by keying crucial imports and exports to an idealized dollar. I am not an economist, so I have take much of this on faith. Apparently, according to Mike Whitney's article last week in OpEdNews, Inevitable Collapse of the Greenback the faith of whole countries is wearing thin. Iran has made its move. China will not be far behind. Venezuela has no interest in propping up George, nor do the majority of folk around this planet. They saw the vote in 2004, and because of it they do not care what happens to about half of Americans.

With Reagan we had voodoo economics (so-called by the elder Bush) and now with the junior Bush we have a serious situation of a amoral, spoiled kid following the advice of lunatic fringe extremists. They knew from Day One that they would not be around to deal with the aftermath of their deeds, but like very bad kids who have set fire to the family dog, they are hoping like hell the dog doesn't crash through into their club house. Does anyone think that this administration has the brains to deal with the impending disaster?

James Richard Brett