Saturday, May 27, 2006

Democratic Leadership

There are a couple of ways for the Democrats to win the election this fall. One of them is to do a lot of pointing and name calling, all of it richly deserved. The Republicans have their elephant and have painted a huge target on its belly with the antics of Tom DeLay and Co. Rarely has a political party so repudiated its ideals by corruption so rapidly and thoroughly than have the Republicans in the last dozen years.

My own instincts ran toward the "eradicate and annihilate" side of politics from the moment the Supreme Court ripped off the election in favor of George W. Bush. I have been angry and almost ferally alarmed by what we have experienced. It is essential, though, that we win and that having won we can do something with the victory that will be meaningful and lasting.

So, the Democratic leadership in Congress has irritated every one of us who have wanted to draw blood and watch the Republican beast die a horrible painful death. Nancy Pelosi has incurred the wrath of every male chauvinist in the Democratic Party for her quiet, "centrist" ways. I have thought and written lately that I trust her and, lo, on Friday I got her periodic "House Call" message and now have something very important to show you.

The strategy of the Democratic Party is to take the Left and ALL OF THE CENTER. Here is how they intend to do that. Notice that not one centrist voter is going to feel like a vote for an honest Democrat (meant as a vote against a dishonest and corrupt Republican) is going to feel disenfranchised or unrepresented. As far as I am concerned this is a courageous and absolutely necessary political stance, and I applaud Mrs. Pelosi (next year's Speaker of the House) and her colleagues for it.

James Richard Brett