Sunday, May 28, 2006

Reality Checks

One of the things that has happened in America since 2004 is that Liberal and Progressive voters and Democrats in Congress have lost confidence in themselves and their leaders. The reason is that there are many routes to recovery and no unanimity among us all on how best to win a convincing and lasting victory at the polls. One of the elements of this lack of confidence is the possibility of corruption among us. It has been asserted that significant Democratic leaders in Congress are on the take from corporations.

Personally, in some cases I have suspected a deliberate campaign emanating from certain quarters to sow dissention in the ranks. For instance, if I were Hillary I would not want Nancy to become Speaker. That would put a woman into unparalleled prominence for two years before the general election in 2008. Some people might think that one woman is enough and begin to back away from supporting my aspirations. A group of people around me but not extremely close might begin to spread nasty rumors.

This is all speculation, of course. This week I happened on a resource that makes a major step in the elimination of speculation. I have added it to the extensive group of Links on the American Liberalism website, and I would like to you to take a look now. Here is: Congresspedia! Look up your Representative or your Senators and see where they are getting their money and which interests are their major supporters. Just in time, Congresspedia will begin to dispel the clouds of mistrust ... or in some cases confirm them.

James Richard Brett