Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Another Bush/Cheney War

So the War on Terrorism is not going so very well despite what the right's propoganda machine would have you believe. I am sure in his heart of heart's Bush knows this, but then again, perhap's not. He is probably one of the 33% that think all is well and his battle cry of "stay the course" is right on track.

Now comes the press; the Grey Lady finally rousing from it's torpor of the last 5 years to try and make up for it's dereliction of duty. They have, heaven forfend!, decided to get to the truth. This, as you can well imagine, does not sit well with Big Brother Bush and, once again, we have been subjected to his calling any who do not agree with him, unpatriotic.

I would suggest that you read what The News Dissector has to say about this new "hot" war of Bush/Cheney's.


Susan B. Goodwin