Sunday, June 11, 2006

Do I Want a Conservative To Talk to Me?

I suppose I shall never get used to the idea that there are those who do not share my world view. Naive as that may sound I guess i just expect more of most people, that they use the brains they were blessed with and not just tag along behind some yahoo whose idea sounds right at the time. I guess the benefit I had with my education was that it taught me to question, to weigh both sides of an issue and then make the best informed decision that I possibly could. So to realize that there are people out there who actually believe the venom that spews forth from the mouths of people like Ann Coulter Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and a host of others, of their ilk,just gives me severe nausea, and leaves me shaking my head.

I absolutely would defend their right to say what they feel, if those are truly their feelings, but I have it in mind that they are just hate mongers, playing to the basest instincts of the human psyche, and getting paid very well for it, by the right. Why else could anyone conceivably denounce the widows the 9/11 by suggesting that their resultant "fame" from that tragedy, be preferable to cooking dinner for their in tact families? Media Matters - Coulter suggested 9-11 widows might not give up "celebrity and notoriety" to "have their husbands back"

None seem to be immune from Coulter's venomous tongue, and for someone with no credentials to speak of, she has way too much air time. I have a mental image of her chuckling about her listening base as she shuffles off to the bank Can someone seriously look at genuine war heroes and even dare to question their patriotism? If one supports the troops, loves their country, but feels the war is wrong, why should their patriotism be called into question? Media Matters - On Fox, Coulter further criticized victims -- including Max Cleland and Christopher Reeve -- for using their ..

Apparently this is what our country has become, intolerant. For a country that had always prided itself on tolerance, and that welcomed those who had been the victims of intolerance, we are hardly a shining beacon any more. When people such as Ann Coulter can galvanize people around her peculiar brand of bigotry and hate, surely others in this world must look upon us as less than intelligent. She is, however, entrenched in the landscape of what some consider "news" . Even some whom I had given credit to as being above her brand of nastiness have fallen into step with her and feel a need to defend the Queen of Liberal Hate. Media Matters - Matalin, defending Coulter's attacks on 9-11 widows: "I take her larger point" What larger point could there be?

We do have an element in this country who find it easier to just accept things, that some say, as gospel. It takes too much effort, apparently, to seek the truth. Twice this past week I received emails from a conservative friend. Both mails which he forwarded were patently untrue, but both he absolutely believed, and continued to believe even after I sent him proof that both were Internet Urban Legends. I had always believed this person to be of some larger mental capacity, however, his response to me, after he received proof of the falsehoods, was 3 lines of "bla bla bla bla bla bla". What a sterling representation of the conservative Bush supporters.

And as for Ms. Coulter, please do not talk to me, for if you do, I will not be responsible for my stomach contents erupting on your designer pumps.