Saturday, June 10, 2006

Election Fraud

Our National home has been illegally invaded by criminals who have stolen our wealth and put us in jeopardy. It is almost beyond belief that the man running our country has come into that position through fraud and thievery. The report by Robert Kennedy, which pulls together many investigations of the 2004 election, makes it pretty clear that the 2004 election was stolen. Reports of the final vote count in Florida in the 2000 election, which show Gore as the winner, also indicate that that election was stolen. Should we expect less of spoiled frat brat George W. Bush who has a history of getting his way by any means?

Though we are stuck with an administration which has come to power through fraud and deceit, why are there not criminal investigations into the violation of one of our most sacred democratic processes, the election of our leadership? If ever there was a need for the people to raise their voices in protest and honest members of Congress to speak out, it is on this issue.

Under their faux leadership we have suffered outrageous policies that have led us into two wars, moved huge amounts of wealth from the majority to the privileged few, experienced an increase in the degradation of our environment, unemployment, national debt, and a decrease of our reputation in the world community for illegal invasion of a sovereign nation, torture, rendition, and a bully attitude. Our nation is in shambles with failing schools and infrastructure, increased state taxes to make up for the tax breaks to the wealthy and a health system that leaves many without care.

The stealing of the elections needs to be criminally investigated and the participants tried for treason for that operation as well as for jeopardizing the security of our nation and the illegal invasion of Iraq.

This is a truly rapacious leadership which seems to exist only for the benefit of the elite which Bush called 'my base.'