Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Foreign Policy Institute

In an eighty page report, the Foreign Policy Institute published the results of a survey of more than one hundred foreign policy experts whose ranks include Richard Clarke, Hary Hart, Steve Coll, William Odom, Larry Johnson and Walter Pincus. This group has a varied political view and their backgrounds are certainly the same, but they seemed to be a fairly cohesive group given their responses.

As far as the US winning the war on terror, eighty-four percent of them said we are not and eight one percent think that Guantanamo reflects negatively on us. Eighty-six percent think that we as Americans are at much more risk in the world. They also favor multilateralism and support the UN three to one.

Sixty-two percent felt that Saudi Arabia was the greatest producer of global terrorists with thirteen percent favoring Eygpt, and eleven percent say Pakistan. And those are our allies! Where are the bad guys we hear so much about...North Korea, Iran and Syria?

Eighty-four percent think that it is a strong possibility, within the next five years, that there will be another attack, on the same scale as 9/11, and almost the same number feel that it will be a suicide bomb.

All around, when asked to prioritize what they would do in the war on terror, some said catch the leaders, some wanted to spread democracy but a whopping 82% said we need to outgrow our dependence on foreign oil, and two thirds felt that the current U.S. energy policies actually made matters worse.

Former CIA director James Woolsey said:
"We borrow a billion dollars every working day to import oil, an increasing share of it coming from the Middle East. For example, in Saudi Arabia, billion are transferred to the Wahhabi's and like minded groups, who then indoctrinate young people to hate Shiites, Sufis, Jews, Christians and democracy, and to oppress women horribly."

If you happen to ask anyone not from America, why they yhink we are in Iraq they will almost to a person say, Oil. We have allowed a group of greedy, mundane people to take control of our government, besmirch our country's good name and honor. And for what? If you still believe it was to oust a dictator, or in pursuit of WMD's, or to spread the democracy and freedom we all enjoy, sort of, then you live in an alternate universe. We are there for one reason and one reason only. Greed.

Susan B. Goodwin