Thursday, June 22, 2006

God and Life

If you pray to God to let your team win, you are praying to a local god. If you are praying to God to bless your tanks, bombs, the soldiers sent to kill and your success in the destruction of another people, then you are praying to a national god.

Logically one could infer that the great creative force of the universe, if it has the ability to think, would be very unlikely to give us a permission slip or support in any destructive actions of this creation so amazingly wrought.

What loving parent would side with one child who wishes to harm a sibling? Why would the creator of life support our wanton destruction of any part of this creation? When we choose to destroy life through war, environmental degradation and oppression of other people, we are working against the creative forces as well as undermining the very life systems we depend on to survive. If there is an evil, it is our own decision to destroy life and bring death.

Early man went to war against invaders to fight for territory that enabled him to survive. We should have evolved beyond these tactics by now but in our ignorance and arrogance we dare to use force on others when they do not threaten our lives but have something we want. That is what war has become. The bully tactics of those who have been able to amass the biggest, strongest and deadliest killing force on earth, to oppress other lives, cultures and the environments of people around the world and to take from them the control over their resources, environment and people to feed the profit motivated globalization effort. Those who hunger for war get us to support it by telling us we are threatened by some enemy. Look past their claims and see how often their true motives were to full fill one of the above objectives. Ask 'Who Benefits? War is a great profit generating system. Who loses? Life loses.

The very idea that one person is superior to any other on the basis of race, sex, culture or ideology, is to fly in the face of the creation as it exists. How do we dare to claim that the creator's work was not perfect when the diversity of humanity emerged? How do we claim that a different culture, people, language, belief system, way of life or any of the thousand differences that have developed among us, are inferior to our own when they have developed in their unique environment and met its challenges to survive using the abilities the creative force endowed them with. We should stand in awe of the amazing talent of mankind to not only survive, but to create unique cultures in response to their environment.

Every plant, living thing, and environmental system is part of the net of life we inhabit. Any event anywhere in this global life will have an effect on all of us in some way. If we tear vast holes in the net through use of warfare, irresponsible environmental abuse, neglect of vast numbers of others who are suffering, the net becomes weaker for all of us. Do we wish to pass on to our children a tattered shroud of life, a dying shadow of the vibrant healthy net of life that provided the means to survive to all? How much longer will we continue to act as spoiled children breaking and destroying this amazing creation we have been born into?

Mankind has failed to grow beyond the use of brute force. We all consider bully tactics in the schoolyard as offensive, yet we accept these same tactics in our leaders. Why? Billions of dollars are invested in the weapons and means to kill and destroy life. We invest in death, not life. What does this say about us, our society?

If we continue to accept the brutality of war which is driven by ignorance and self serving motives, we will have a hand in our own destruction. If there is a thinking creator observing all of this, my guess is that human life on earth would be considered a failure.

Sue Dyer, Guest Essayist