Thursday, June 15, 2006



From: CEO Bigbucks

To: Political Power People and Fellow Corporate Entities

Subject: The final power grab

I just wish to congratulate you all on the wonderful progress made on getting the voice of the people out of politics. They know nothing about how a country should be run anyway. We all agree that it up to us, the élites, to manage the policies to insure that profits will continue to rise among us.

I am encouraged that the Beast, the sleeping giant, the great unwashed masses continue to be so apathetic that they never even raised a hue and cry when we stole the elections of 2000, 2002 and 2004 right from under their noses! Just goes to show how inept they are! There is no doubt, now that we have our machines and subverting tactics ready that the 2006 and 2008 elections will go our way without a hitch!

I love the fact that their taxes continue to fund our military adventures to expand opportunities for corporate markets and increase the flow of labor and raw materials, while we make great profits on the wars too!

Luckily, they have been pretty well trained to believe that any tax spending for social programs smacks of socialism and communism! A mark of their stupidity is that they think by keeping government from spending on programs that benefit them and enforcing laws that protect them, they think government is getting smaller! It's a myth we need to keep promoting so they don't realize how big it is on the military, intelligence gathering and corporate subsidizing side.

By the way, the diminished environmental protections have really helped to improve the bottom profit line. Not only do we not have to clean up the messes we create, the health industry will benefit from increased illnesses and the dumb masses won't even be able to find out that they're getting sick from the water, the contamination of their food supplies and those invisible toxins in the air. Pharma reports that the anti allergy drugs are a good investment. We need fewer people anyway.

I've read that some voting groups are asking for state officials and Congress to 'fix' the voting machines and process to protect their votes. What a laugh! I'm sure you all know to just ignore them or, if you must do something, just to make a law that contains plenty of loop holes and has no teeth. We have plenty of judges in place that owe their positions to our vested interests so we're covered on that front should any of our people get hauled into court.

You folks in the Main Stream Media have been doing a good job making sure that reports like Kennedy Jr.'s on the stolen elections and corporate takeover of the food supply don't get noticed. Your handling of the Downing Street Memos was great! The fact that they showed the Iraq war was pre-planned could have wiped the Prez right off the throne. A hat tip to the majority in Congress too for ignoring them. I was worried that Conyers might get something going on that but thankfully the lack of news coverage helped to squelch that problem.

Just keep on using the gay and abortion issues to keep the dummies divided and soon our takeover will be complete. Divide and conquer! Works every time. Luckily 50% of the silent majority are still asleep anyway and never even bother to vote so it will be easy to disenfranchise the remaining few with the tactics we already have been using.

The only thing that might stop us would be if they decide to use paper ballots to verify votes in addition to voting on our machines but I doubt that they have the brains or organization to get that together.

Meanwhile, a toast to our Corporate-Government-Military system! Long may we reign!



cc: Sue Dyer, Guest Essayist