Monday, June 26, 2006

One Step Closer to Bush's Demise

Jim Webb and wife Hong
We recently had a Democratic primary in Virginia to elect someone to oppose George Allen, the current junior senator from Virginia. Jim Webb was the winner over Harris Miller. Both were good candidates but Webb was a better speaker and especially in Virginia the more likely of the two to be elected.

Webb had been a Republican and was the Secretary of the Navy during the Reagan administration. He supported "W" in 2000 and Allen when he ran for the senate, but his disgust over the Iraq war and the Bush Administration policies in general convinced him that he had made a huge mistake. Webb switched parties and decided to run for the Democratic nomination to help the Democrats regain control of the Senate and to rid the senate of the likes of Allen.

As governor Allen had a stormy relationship with African-American voters in Virginia, many of whom criticized his policies and his embrace of the Confederate flag, which the NAACP condemned as a symbol of racism and hate. As a lawyer, Allen also had a noose hanging from a ficus tree in his office, a decoration critics have charged was racially insensitive, but which Allen has explained as a symbol of his tough stance on law-and-order issues.

In 1995, 1996, and 1997, Allen proclaimed April as Confederate History and Heritage Month and called the Civil War "a four-year struggle for independence and sovereign rights." The proclamation did not mention slavery and was subsequently repudiated by the next Republican governor.

Allen has done almost nothing for Virginia and supported Bush 97% of the time. He was given an "F" by the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy for his votes on concerns of the middle class. As indicated by his senate votes he opposes abortion, public health, immigration, the environment, civil rights, and public education. Allen has spent most of time recently trying to promote his national image in an anticipated run for the Republican nomination for President.

Webb has an excellent chance to unseat Allen and if he can it would bring the Senate one step closer to a Democratic majority where it can begin to investigate the illegal acts of King "W" and the ultimate impeachment of the worst president the United States has ever endured.

David M. Goldberg