Monday, June 19, 2006

Stay the Course

bloodied Iraqi child
Tom Englehardt in TomDispatch often produces blogs featuring "spot-on" commentary by notable analysts. Yesterday Tom presented some views on Iraq by Robert Dreyfuss entitled "Permanent War."

Dreyfuss's comments are chilling in one important respect—the statement is made that there can be a successful outcome to the "stay the course" policy of Rove, Rumsfeld, Cheney, & Bush LLP.

You need to read this analysis because it factors directly into the 2006 mid-term elections and the stance being taken by the Democrats.

"Cut and Run" is the mantra that Rove uses to describe the quisling attitudes of the Democrats. Currently most of the Democrats are saying just that ... there can be no victory, so we must leave.

The question (and the answer) is that the victory predicted by the cabal in the White House will come at unacceptable costs to the moral fabric of the people of the United States, the respect other nations and peoples have for the United States, and most of all the welfare of the Iraqis themselves.

Bush intends to occupy Iraqi as we have occupied Germany and Japan, i.e., until it is exactly a compliant, supine, client of the U.S. corporate petroleum interests. The Iraqi culture will be completely obliterated and hundreds of thousands will be maimed and killed before they catch on that they have been serially raped by corporate America.

The antidote to Rove's mantra "stay the course" is to describe the "course" for what it is. This needs to be reduced to sound-bites and counter-mantras. "Pillage," "cultural genocide," "Rape the Iraqi," "Occupation without End," are a few that come to mind quickly.

America has not done this sort of warmongering since the Spanish-American War. American history is pretty well settled that it was an explosion of jingoistic violence and hubris. Those were dark days of Johnny-come-lately imperialism.

The Bush policy in Iraq has every element of that almost forgotten war, but is embedded in two slow-motion global crises: global warming and the depletion of petroleum world-wide. These two factors provide a slightly new context, one in which the actions of the United States are laid bare and exposed for what they are—the first stages of a global struggle for survival, conducted not as a civilized, cooperative, and rational society, but as a wounded beast, red in tooth and claw.


Photo by Robert Fisk