Saturday, June 24, 2006


Quite a week! The Republican Congress has voted against raising the minimum wage, against extension of the Voting Rights Act, against setting a date for withdrawal from Iraq. Meanwhile the administration is snooping banking records without warrants, and Cheney is scolding the press for telling us about it.

If anyone in the media ever tells you again that there is no difference between the two parties, tell them to go to hell!

Meanwhile, we are waiting for SoapBlox to get things prepared for the great migration from our current ISP to theirs. The website is ready for the debut, but until the migration is complete and well-propagated we are going to keep Blogger up.

I have decided to keep Blogger indefinitely, actually. When the new site is thoroughly propagated throughout the internet, I am going to take down the opening remarks and links, etc. and leave only the Archives. This way we will not lose our history.

Our regular contributors and regular guest contributors will be frontpage features on the new website. Like Daily Kos, My Left Wing, and FireDogLake, each on different software platforms, The American Liberalism Project will be open to anyone to comment on essays. In addition, our "Diary" section will have "occasional" essayists, and all of you are urged to sign up to do that. Commenting and writing essays is important, because that is how we test our ideas in the marketplace. Lurking (reading only) is okay, but we hope you venture out once in a while an write a comment.

When the transition occurs it should be reasonably transparent to everyone. One day your American Liberalism "bookmark" will point to a different IP address and you will see the new website. But, computers and the internet are complicated and there are always problems. So, be sure to make a bookmark of this website, because we will be keeping you posted on the progress here.

Thanks for your support. Please be thinking of one or two people you will tell about the new site when it appears. Think of people who are in local politics. We will run diaries that are campaign endorsements for PROGRESSIVE Democratic candidates this year provided they say what the candidate actually stands for.

Jim Brett