Thursday, June 01, 2006

War Demons

Thoughts about the families reportedly killed by US Marines haunt me. I keep thinking about the thirteen year old girl who survived that assault. Her large brown eyes looked directly into the camera as she stated ,"I hid under the bed and pretended I was dead. The body of my brother was on me and blood was running out of him like a spigot.' There she was alone now in the tiny house it's walls scarred by bullets and blood.

What terror, sorrow and distress she must have felt, seeing her family gunned down while fearing for her life.

Who of us could bear one of our children or loved ones going through an experience like that? Who will heal her fear, anger and despair and the pain of the last memory of her family? I multiply her pain by thousands and begin to feel despair that this is being done by our government in our name with our money. This is one face of the true horror of war.

How can we be a part of this?

Once you strip away the cloak of patriotism, heroism, noble sacrifice, and all the flags, medals, and other bells warnings and whistles that entice us to war, the actual face of war is revealed to be a demon which waits to consume all caught up in his maelstrom of fear and anger. War exposes us to terrible events in which people engage in one of the most destructive, obscene and fearsome activities that mankind chooses to engage in. The worst part is that the human feelings that grow in war are fear and rage, overwhelming the emotions of love and compassion. The damage to the psyche is terrible.

What about the marines suspected of doing the shooting? They too show another face of war revealed when rage becomes dominant and is acted out with cruelty on others. Damaging actions tear the net of humanity we share and something inside them gets torn too. Having power and using it to harm others is the supreme act cowardice and is a violation of deeply held beliefs about the value of life for most. It must also be fearful experiencing oneself venting full rage and committing murder in a total abuse of power. War gives rise to man's negative feelings and emotions and fuels them. To create killers the military strips the recruits of the instructions they got as children to not hit, be kind to one another and to act fairly and replaces them with the order to kill.

All kinds of humanitarian impulses must be suppressed in order to follow orders. A killing machine must not feel or question the participation in the horror.

Why do we support or engage in war? Is the evil genie that brings nothing but death, destruction and pain, except for those who are making a lot of money from it. Who will undo that 'kill' military training in our soldiers before they come back into society? Who will help dispel the horrors of their actions and thoughts and return their energy field from anger and fear to love and trust? The face of war is the face of damaged people and nations. The energy of war is destructive to mankind and all living things. The harvest we reap from war is death and destruction. No one wins except the money makers who feed like vultures on the carrion of the destroyed. It is shameful.

The energy and money wasted on war would be so amazing in it's power and scope if it were directed towards life improving ideas and actions. Not anti-war but pro-peace.

In a pro-peace world we would direct our government to ratify the Declaration of Human Rights and act with just fairness integrity in our relationships with the rest of the world. While conserving energy resources, we could make fair trade deals with countries who offer that resource. Meanwhile a plethora of inventors would be busy devising alternative energy systems. Part of our current Defense budget could go to fund grants to applicants. Patents to workable systems would be owned jointly by the taxpayers who funded the research and the inventors personally. If their project was part of a company participation, the company would get a percentage based on the use of their resources. There would be plenty of money to rebuild our infrastructure and educational system and create a publicly funded health system. The list could go on only limited by our imaginations. The images of potential Peace provide a more promising life experience for us . We must repeal and deny war powers to our government unless agreed on by public referendum. War inciters must be criminally tried and war profiteers must pay heavy taxes on their bloody profits. The means to make windfall profits on war must be restricted by law.

War is man at his lowest behavior. We must say no to War. We must say yes to Peace.

Sue Dyer
Guest Essayist