Monday, June 26, 2006

We Are GO, Houston!

The cut-over from Time-Warner webhosting to SoapBlox bloghosting is complete. It took several hours Monday to accomplish, but it worked, and the new website is there for the reading. Go to:
or simply!

The front page is for essays from "American Liberalism Project regulars" and "guest bloggers." When you get to the front page open up a new account so that you can read the "Diary Section" blogs/essays of others and write diaries/essays there of your own when you feel the urge. Guest Bloggers will be selected by ALP from among those who post essays in the Diary section. Of course, comments are welcome from all! (Keep it civilized and clean, please.)

And, of course, comments about the site are always welcome. We will begin having an "Open Thread" blogs for comments of any kind in a couple of days. "Open Threads" will always be on the front page, accessible to all.